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I’m obsessed with making zoodles now

So obsessed that I’m going to try and make caprese pasta (my favorite combination of flavors on the planet) with zoodles. Wish me luck.  This could ruin everything.

I made the mistake of looking at tonight’s workout.  I hate toes to bar.

I made the mistake of looking at tonight’s workout.  I hate toes to bar.

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Stop creeping

I’m using a loaner computer at work since mine is dead and my webcam is permanently on now.  I can’t figure out how to turn it off so I just turned it around to face the wall because I’m all creeped out that someone in IT is just watching me all day.

I can’t hang.

I went out for happy hour last night and had two jalapeno margs, then went to dinner with friends until 9:30. 

I am fucking exhausted today.

Side note: I showed a little bit of restraint (lol obvs not with the margs) and got a salad at a burger place.  A REALLY good burger place.  I’m still shocked by this.  My (British) friend said and I quote: That’s the most dainty thing I’ve ever seen you eat!

I’ll marry a man who knows how I take my tea, coffee, and alcohol
And knows when to make which.


*I am marrying a man

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Adding to the list I posted earlier: I can’t wait for someone else to make my tea in the morning (yes, he makes my tea, it’s the best. he’s the best!)

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The youth has spoken.

yungsunshine said: Bae is short for babe. ie “He’s my bae,” “Hey bae,” “Come get it bae,” but it can also just be a thing. “That’s so bae.” “My new phone is bae.” But mostly it’s just short for babe.

Re: Bae

The internet told me it was “before anything else”.  But maybe it also means baby?  I’m so confused OLD.

This is 29.

I had to google what “bae” meant yesterday.